Our Mission






Our Mission

The American Pixel Academy has the goal of connecting creative visual professionals in the pixel media with educators who are giving wings to the next generation in our field.

We seek:

  1. 1. Creative professionals in the pixel world who are willing to mentor young people, be a guest lecturer in classes, and provide “real-world” experience such as internships and “day at the office” opportunities.

  2. 2.Educators who want to give their students opportunities beyond the classroom, and who also want to provide connections with accomplished pixel medial professionals.

If this describes you,download the membership form, and email it to info@pixieawards.com.

Our Vision

We envision an organization that will foster local and regional conferences in which students can learn from top professionals in our field.

We envision an organization that creative professionals and new people coming into the industry can use as a virtual meeting place, with mutual benefit.

We envision an organization that will promote activities that will help to provide need-based scholarships for outstanding students. This will be done through our annual competition, The EMPixx Awards, and through other channels.

And, we want the input of our members on additional ways we can meet our goals.